Fall of Angels
Fall of Angels Hints/Tips
Battle Speed

Battle speed can be altered in the 'Settings' menu to speed up or slow down the battles.

Open the menu, tap 'Settings', then tap the 'Battle Settings' label at the bottom of the screen. The default speed is 5.

General Tips/Strategy
  • If you are low on HP in battle, you can escape using the 'Abilities->Escape' button. Only boss battles cannot be escaped from.
  • Some characters such as Lt. Waters have the ability to heal party members. To heal outside of battle go to the menu screen and tap the character with healing ability. Tap 'Abilities' and then select the appropriate ability name.
  • Early in the game, Waters' ability 'Smoke bomb' will make difficult encounters and boss battles much easier by blinding enemies.
  • Smelling salts and Resurrection stones will revive party members with 0HP, but they are expensive. Take a rest in an inn or a rest area to revive everybody.
  • There are many items and equipment hidden in chests throughout Tellus. Some equipment is more useful than others, so be strategic about what you spend your money on. Sell old equipment to raise money for new.
  • Enemies that you defeat will give you 'spoils'. These should be sold at the earliest opportunity to merchants and shops for money.
Ayabe Temple Region

Just behind Ayabe Temple (after the cutscene with the little girl) there is a merchant.


Talk to him to buy new items. If you need more money you can sell your spoils here.

In the next screen there is a secret passage through the trees. This allows you to bypass some of the enemies as well as pick up a treasure chest.

Secret passage

Don't forget that Waters can heal your characters from the menu screen as well as in battle.

After the temple, there are only 2 screens before the next cutscene. Don't worry about keeping all of your characters alive before then- as long as one of them survives, you'll all be healed after the next cutscene.

Oshu Mountain Fire

Rub the tree with your finger.

Wind Caves

Upon entering the Wind Caves go North to the next room. Here the wind gusts will blow you to the floor below if you get caught by them- time your movement to be inbetween gusts. The way South is blocked by a wind gust that doesn't stop, so go West into the next room.

Wind Caves Gust

This room contains an organ and multiple wind gusts. Make your way through them all the way to the bottom of the screen and right to find a cave where you can heal and buy items.

In the organ room, there is a wall on the left side that has a crack in it- hit this with the hammer to open a doorway.

Wind Caves Crack

Wind Caves Crack

In the next room there is an Angel statue- read the inscription to learn 'Roots'. Go down and left again to enter the next room. At the top left of this room is a green switch that must be hit with the hammer to activate. This will shut off the wind that blocked your path earlier.

Wind Caves Gust

Go back to where the gust was that blocked your path earlier. From here go South, then East. In this room there is another crack found on the North wall- hit this with the hammer to progress. This room also contains another doorway, which leads to a couple of treasure chests.

After going North through the newly smashed doorway, go down the ladder to face the Giant Spider. Before fighting him use the hammer to smash the boulders in the room to find treasure chests, one of which contains a Spider Vest which when equipped will prevent one of your characters from being slowed by the Giant Spider.

The Giant Spider will slow you with his web attack, in addition to it's normal melee. If the two spiders alongside it are killed then it will summon more, so focus your attacks on the Giant Spider itself. Thomas' 'Smite' magic works well here.

Once the Giant Spider is defeated go up the ladder, and then East into the large cave. There is an exit at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Exit here to the Wind ledge.

Wind Caves Ledge

In the middle of the ledge, stand in front of the railing to hear the noise made by the wind. This tune is the one that must be played on the organ seen earlier. Travel back to the organ and play those notes with the hammer.

Once the organ has been removed, continue out of the caves and onwards to the foot of the mountain.

If the notes are numbered 5 to 1 going left to right, the tune is 3 1 2 5.

Wind Caves Organ

Toyama Forest

The direction that you should go is given by the sign. Bear in mind that the thieves want to supply directions to their own people, but they also want to keep others out.

The paths on any given screen are marked with one of four things: stone, grass, puddle, chalice. One of these things will also be resting next to the signpost. This indicates which path to take.


The item you need is in the lower deck of the ship. Find a way in at night.

  • The ship hold is guarded during the day, but the main door to the lower deck is locked at night. To enter, do the following:
  • Enter the lower deck of the ship during the day
  • Walk up to the netting in the middle of the room. Tap 'Examine' to look at the hatch at the top of the netting
  • Knock the latch off using the hammer
  • Come back to the ship at night, and enter through the hatch found on the deck underneath the main sail

Get the letterhead paper from an upstairs room in the town hall (the large building in center of town). Take this to the Chief of Guard, who can be found in one of the rooms at Waypoint. To get to Waypoint leave Saragossa and head East.

Torrido Mines
  • Beat Mognar backwards until the cracked floor is exposed. Target the floor with your attacks repeatedly to drop him
  • Thomas' 'Smite' attack works well against Mognar
  • Sariel is immune to some of Mognar's attacks
  • Mognar will move away from the cracks after a while and need beating back again. If possible, attack the cracked floor with abilities that hit more than once in order to break it quicker
  • The floor breaks after a certain number of hits, but the strength of those hits doesn't matter. Don't waste your powerful attacks on it

All but one of the minecart pieces can be found in the minecart area where the lava is. The last piece is on the top of the wooden tower found on the screen between the boss fight and where you get the ropeladder. Use the ropeladder inside the tower to reach it.

For the second fight against Mognar, he is defeated in a similar manner to the first. Knock him back until he is underneath the rock in the top left corner of the screen. Target the rock with your attacks to drop it on him.

Desert Tomb Entrace/Locked doors

From the entrance go up one room. There is a skeleton in the top left corner with a journal under it's leg that contains a clue on what to do next. Go right one room, up one room, left one room and examine the painting.

Use the lockpick on the painting to open a passageway behind you. Walk directly up from the painting until you hit the top wall, and the passageway is to your right.

Desert Tomb Roof

The ones leading your party are the three characters that would fight if you entered a battle.

The Raziel Institute identified three people in your party with an unknown force that they couldn't explain.

Reorganise your party so that the 3 battle characters (the top 3 boxes on the menu screen) are Thomas, Hazel, and Sophia. This way the party is not being led by 'those with unknown force'- Sariel (don't know his alignment), Ravez (the only known lycan), or Zachariah (unknown level of potential).

Desert Tomb Fire Door

You need a new item before entering here.

The door can't be opened. Look on the ground.


To leave Alvine by the Eastern exit you need to speak to the researcher who is not in Alvine.

You need to visit the Bonehoard to pick up a tool, as well as an upgrade to that tool. The quickest route to the Bonehoard is via Toyama Pass; go North along the path before you reach Mokelumne Hill.


The lantern is in the Bonehoard temple. Follow the Bonehoard path around until you find it. The door is locked, but there is a hole in the wall immediately to the left of the door.

To upgrade the lantern, enter the Inn at the Bonehoard. This is a short walk away from the Bonehoard Temple, still on the snowy ledge. Talk to everyone there when you have the lantern.

Note that you can't enter the inn until you have been to Saragossa.


Go to the upstairs bedrooms of the hotel and look around.

The passage is found immediately behind the hotel in the alleys- you can examine one of the walls.

The code is TBMMB, and there are 3 different coloured stones on the wall in vertical alignment.

Tap the 3 stones in this order- Top, Bottom, Middle, Middle, Bottom.

  • The scene will automatically end when all snipers are dead
  • Aim for the heads for a quicker takedown. Failing that, aim for the torso
  • Zooming in with the scope isn't necessary, but can help for the snipers far away
  • To find snipers, stay zoomed out and look for movement as they come out from their cover. When they fire the smoke from their weapons can be seen for a second or two afterwards

Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

Fall of Angels Sniper Scene

Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

Fall of Angels Last sniper scene

Quorum Tunnels
  • The tunnels are so dark that you cannot see.
  • Feel your way along the walls, using the lit areas as a guide as to whether or not you are moving anywhere or bumping into walls
  • Halfway through the tunnels there is a clue in the light for problems in the dark
  • Halfway through the tunnels you will see a boulder in the light that can be destroyed with the hammer. Go left from here, then down. When you can't go any further down, use the hammer- there is a boulder in the dark that you can't see
  • Go a little bit left from there, past the second boulder in the light, and then up. When you can't go any further up, go right until you hit another hidden boulder. Smash this, then continue right hugging the top wall until you move up toward the exit

The smaller of the three balls needs to enter the little hole first, otherwise the larger balls block it.

You can't win without cheating.

Stick your finger in the lock mechanism to press the balls and stop them from moving.

  • The way out is a ladder in the far North room (2 rooms up from the library)
  • The door to this room is opened by the mechanism next to it. Examine the mechanism, then tap the handle in the middle right of the mechanism
  • You can't reach the ladder without a long metal hook. There isn't one available, so you'll have to make one
  • Be sure to read the books on the table in the library, and on the shelves in the room to the left of the library
  • There is a screwdriver in the wood pile next to the furnace
  • The metal bar next to the door in the library is loose
  • Two of the items you find have no use
  • The door mechanism is powerful, making it of use
  • The hook can be used for an optional extra task before grabbing the ladder
  • There is a water leak in one of the corridors
Any other problems

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