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Fall of Angels has been released on the Mac App Store! Find it here: Mac App Store

It has also been submitted to Steam Greenlight. Please show your support by giving it a thumbs up! Link here

Final testing complete on the desktop version of Fall of Angels! We're currently making it available for release, in addition to uploading an update for the mobile version with bug fixes found via the desktop testing.

The final Fall of Angels PC demo is now available!

Download it here!

The desktop version of Fall of Angels (PC & Mac) is currently in it's final round of testing, and should be released in the very near future. We've put a selection of scenes together to make a free downloadable demo and put it on the download page. This is the finished game engine, pretty much as the full release will be.

Fall of Angels has been released on iOS today!

Download it here!

The android version will follow later today following some final checks.

It's been a wild ride, in the coming days I'll be updating the blog page with stories of the past few months of intense development. In the meantime check out the download page!

Release date on mobile: 3rd September 2015!

Fall of Angels has been submitted to the iOS app store for review!

The mobile version of Fall of Angels is complete, and submitted to Apple. Their review process can take anywhere between one and three weeks before it is made available for download, but as soon as they are finished we will be releasing both the iOS and Android versions together.

Watch this space!

The Unsung Heroes competition is now in full swing!

We've entered the Unsung Heroes competition to win a life-changing advertising deal. Part of the criteria of selecting a winner is how many likes our comment gets on their facebook page.

Please go to the Unsung Heroes Facebook page, view their top post, and like the Fall of Angels comment! Note that you might have to change their filter from 'Top comments' to 'Recent activity' to find us.


It's been a long time coming, but we're almost there. The new, updated, expanded, improved, HD version of Fall of Angels is well underway in beta testing on Android, iOS, and PC!

The media page has been updated with a number of screenshots of the game running on various devices, in addition to the trailers and videos of it running on PC (I'll be damned if I can get a video capture of a mobile device working).

It's so exciting to be this close to release!

Fall of Angels is currently in alpha on iOS and Android. It'll be handed to playtesters and the end of the week.

The PC version will follow later, it's also in alpha but the mobile versions are taking priority at the moment.

Here are a few more screenshots of Fall running on Android:

android Houseandroid Houseandroid Boatandroid Map

It's running on Android, iOS, and PC, and the bulk of the game is now ported over.

Here's a screenshot from today:

android title

That's just the title screen, what's the big deal? This is a screenshot taken of my android phone running the latest version of Fall of Angels. When the definitive version of the game is released at the end of the year, it will be on PC, Android, and iOS (replacing the current iOS version)!

An updated PC demo has been added to the downloads section! The demo now has new areas, a new tool, additional attacks, new enemies, new routes and more. It's free to download on any PC, so get involved!

The Fall of Angels website has had an overhaul, and a new version of the PC demo will follow shortly. Work has picked up again on the project, more info can be found in the blog section.

Animated screenshots showing some of the new areas:

Fall of Angels Kale Gate
Fall of Angels Cave
Fall of Angels Cable Car

The Fall of Angels PC demo is now available for download! This demo is a beta version of the expanded PC port that was under development for the Kickstarter campaign. Though development has officially ended pending backing, this demo shows the first 90 minutes of the game as it stands.

Fall of Angels Download

The 'Fall of Angels' Kickstarter campaign was cancelled today. It became apparent some time ago that it wasn't going to meet it's target, so it was finally time to call it a day. It is a huge shame because the game has so much potential and so much work has been done on it already, but without funding it is no longer viable to continue game development.

Perhaps one day in the future circumstances may change (fingers crossed for that lottery win), but for now 'Fall of Angels' is no longer in development. I offer a huge thank you to all who supported us along the way.

The Fall of Angels Kickstarter Campaign is underway! Please visit our Kickstarter page, we need YOUR help to ignite this project and bring it to reality!

Even if you don't pledge anything, please spread the word and tell everyone that you can!

The media page has also been updated with more information on the PC/Xbox conversion, and new Fall of Angels wallpaper!

The Fall of Angels forum is up and running! The link can be found at the top of the page. The Fall of Angels blog has been moved to the forum too.

Edit: The forum has been removed and the blog reinstated.

Screenshots of the PC/XBox conversion added to the 'Download' section. The conversion is going well, back on it full time and making some rapid progress.

The Fall of Angels port is still in progress. It's going a little slower than anticipated due to other projects requiring my attention- it is going strong though, hopefully some screenshots will be posted in the near future!

The Fall of Angels port to PC and XBox is going well, most of the code is now converted and we're making a start on redrawing the graphics at the larger scale necessary for the bigger screens.

New review on 'The App Shack'!

(Update: The App Shack no longer exists, link removed)

"The AppStore could definitely use more RPG titles like this. If you're a sucker for old-school RPG games, Fall of Angels has one of the most interesting stories you'll find in an iOS title, and interesting combat+puzzle mechanics. It's one you should definitely check out."

Fall of Angels featured on! This is an excellent blog, well worth checking out.

Update released that fixes a glitch that sometimes caused the Torrido Mines boss to freeze.

Updates have been released with improved menu graphics and an altered Wind Caves section to remove an unintentional short-cut.

Bytten Award

Fall of Angels has received the 2012 award for 'Most Addictive' game!

Click here for the full article.

Update released fixing the bug described in the Bytten review.

The latest Fall of Angels update has been released! It includes:

  • Integration with 'Heyzap'
  • 'Extras' menu from title screen, including sound test and links to the 'Help' and 'Bonus' pages
  • More chats
  • Added new wooded area near Ayabe
  • Updated the Ayabe temple scene to refill health/mana after the scene and make the merchant easier to see
  • Minor fixes

The latest Fall of Angels is released! It includes:

  • Additional areas in the Quorum region
  • New abilities
  • New enemies
  • New puzzles
  • Fixed the issue with the dialogue boxes on 2nd generation iPods
  • You can now return to the mines from the area immediately before the second Torrido boss if you are not yet ready for him
  • Minor bug fixes

The latest Fall of Angels update is now available for download! It includes:

  • Expanded 'Story' function in the menu screen, to include a 'Hints' section
  • Menu screen tweaks and cleanup
  • Some maps altered to make their exits easier to see
  • Run button
  • New town 'Alvine'
  • New abilities
  • New speech box graphic
  • Pre-emptive strikes/ambush added, depending on how a battle is instigated
  • Fixed 'Touch to move' control option
  • Fixed potential problem with Mosante keypad
  • Fixed 'duplicate Sophia' bug
  • Addition of an optional cutscene in Saragossa temple
  • Added option to change battle speed
  • Spelling and grammar fixes
If there is anything that you'd like to see in future updates, please contact us and let us know!